Bulldozer Undercarriage Parts

Bulldozer Undercarriage Parts

Bulldozer Track Link

Bulldozer track link is made up of flexible links that are connected together by fittings called pins and bushings. And it is connected with the four holes on the track shoes through bolts and nuts to form the track shoe assembly.

Bulldozer Front Idler

The bulldozer front idler is a driven wheel, which is used to guide and support the track shoes and adjust the tightness of the track shoes together with the tensioning gear. 

Bulldozer Sprocket

Bulldozer sprocket is the wheel that drives track shoes. Meshing with the track through gears, the power transmitted from the motor to the reducer is transmitted to the track

Bulldozer Carrier Roller

The bulldozer carrier roller plays the role of supporting the top track shoes and prevents the track from hitting. 

Bulldozer Track Roller

The main function of the track roller is to convey the weight of the bulldozer to the ground, and roll on the track shoes.

Bulldozer Track Shoe

The bulldozer track shoe assembly is the component of the undercarriage whose function is the transmission of the load to the ground.