Kelly Bar

Kelly Bar

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Casagrande B300 Kelly Bar

Kelly Bar for Casagrande B300 Rotary Drilling Rig

IMT F200 Kelly Bar

Kelly Bar for IMT Rotary Drilling Rig F200

Kelly Bar for XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig

Kelly bar for XCMG rotary drilling rig XR130,XR150,XR160,XR180,XR220,XR240,XR280,XR360,XR400,XR460,XR550,XR800,XRS1050

Kelly Bar for Sany Rotary Drilling Rig

Kelly bar for Sany rotary drilling rig SR150,SR155,SR205,SR235,SR265,SR285,SR360,SR365,SR405, SR415,SR485

Kelly Bar for Soilmec Rotary Drilling Rig

Kelly bar for Soilmec rotary drilling rig we can provide: SR40,SR60,SR65,SR70,SR80

Kelly Bar for Bauer Rotary Drilling Rig

Bauer Kelly bar we can provide: BG18, BG25, BG28, BG30, BG36, BG40 etc.

Kelly Bar

Kelly bar is a very important part for any brand drilling machine, because its quality directly affects the machine work efficiency by transferring up pressure to the down drilling tools.