Key Points of Crawler Crane Maintenance

Key Points of Crawler Crane Maintenance

Key Points of Crawler Crane Maintenance
To do a good job in equipment maintenance and repair can ensure the good performance of crawler crane, increase the service life, reduce the possibility of accidents during operation, so as to reduce delay and obtain better economic benefits.

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1. The undercarriage maintenance cannot be ignored.

The service life of the crawler often depends on the tension degree of the crawler and whether the adjustment is reasonable. Therefore, the lower deflection of the upper crawler should be frequently checked.

The inspection method: firstly clean the crawler, place a wooden wedge behind the idler, and then start the track crane to squeeze the wood wedge. In this way, the lower end of the crawler is tensioned, and the loose part of the upper crawler is deflected. Then measure the lower deflection with a ruler, the normal deflection is generally 8-15mm.

The crawler tensioning device is composed of oil cylinder, tensioning beam and tensioning spring.

The tensioning method: use a high-pressure oil gun to inject calcium based grease from the oil nozzle into the oil cylinder, push the piston, and then push the idler to move through the tensioning beam to realize the track tensioning. When it is necessary to loosen, slowly rotate the oil filling valve counterclockwise to loosen it, and the grease will be discharged from the oil discharge port.

Note: if the left and right crawler sags differently, the crawler will deviate when walking.

2. Pay attention to the rust and corrosion of the external structure of the whole crane.

The framework of the whole crawler crane is made of steel, which may cause various accidents due to rust. Therefore, the paint shall be repaired in time in case of paint falling and bruise. It is necessary to avoid contact with corrosive liquids or objects, and timely remove the contact if found. Do a good job of cleaning at ordinary times, and timely clean up sludge, water stains and unknown objects.

3. Regular lubrication and special care for key connection ports.

Regularly check the lubrication of all parts of the crane, do a good job in periodic lubrication, and add or replace the lubricant on time.

The main care parts: the lubrication of boom hinge pin, track shoe connecting pin, pulley bearing, carrier roller, track roller and other moving parts.

4. Don't forget the “heart” of crane - the engine.

(1) Check the engine oil quantity and water level before working. If a lot is missing, it should be added in time.

(2) The oil level should also be checked before the crawler crane working, so as to prevent the oil suction pump from entering the air due to lack of oil after the crane is started.

(3) The oil, fuel and coolant liquid should be changed in advance before the season changes.

Hot weather to cold weather, engine oil should be selected with low viscosity oil, fuel oil should be selected with winter diesel, coolant liquid should be selected according to the local average temperature over the years.

(4) When the engine has reached the number of hours specified in the Instruction or the oil has deteriorated, the same grade of oil should be replaced.