Maintenance of Rotary Drilling Rig Track Shoe Assembly

Maintenance of Rotary Drilling Rig Track Shoe Assembly

Maintenance of Rotary Drilling Rig Track Shoe Assembly

  • The Importance of Track Shoe Assembly Maintenance:
As rotary drilling rigs are mainly used for drilling operations, rarely move over long distances. Therefore easy to neglect its track shoe assy maintenance. However, once the track shoe assy failure will be caused by downtime loss, so the track shoe assy maintenance and inspection is very necessary.

  • Composition of Track Shoe Assembly:
The track shoe assy of rotary drilling rig is composed of track shoes and track link assy. There are bolt holes in the middle of the track shoe, and the bolts and nuts connect the track shoe and track link assembly to form the track assembly.

The anti-skid bar is strengthened on the side of the track in contact with the ground to improve the firmness of the track plate and the adhesion between the track and the ground. The chassis of the rotary drilling rig also has supporting wheels, supporting wheels, driving wheels and guide wheels, etc.

  • How to Adjust The Track Under Different Working Conditions?
1. During construction on the soft soil ground, it is easy to attach soil to the track shoe and track link. Therefore, the track shoe assy should be slightly loosened to prevent the attached soil from exerting abnormal stress on the track link.
2. When constructing on the ground with pebbles, the track shoe assy should also be slightly loosened, so that the bending of the track shoe can be avoided when walking on the pebbles.
3. When constructing on firm and flat ground, it is better to adjust the track slightly.