The Secret of Rotary Drilling Rig Colors

The Secret of Rotary Drilling Rig Colors

First of all, CAT yellow is Caterpillar's product excavator registered trademark color, as the construction machinery "giant" why would choose yellow?
For large machinery of this type of construction, safety needs special attention, yellow is easier to identify, the yellow light wavelength is long, not easy to be suspended in the air of the particles blocked and scattered in all directions, and strong penetration can stimulate the visual nerve, long-distance viewing is also very eye-catching, even in fog, rain, and snow and other bad weather can play a warning role. That is why the safety undershirts and helmets worn on construction sites are mainly yellow. Most of the other construction machinery also began to use or follow suit, over time, this smear of yellow will become the agreed color of construction machinery and equipment, and "engineering yellow" spread.

In addition, Sany's mast is red; Zoomlion rotary drilling rig is green; Sunward's rotary drilling rig is light blue.

With the pursuit of product design by customers and the increasing importance of brand recognition by enterprises, the color of engineering machinery and equipment has gradually gotten rid of the single yellow color. At this time you will find that these engineering equipment in the color are also similar, no more than the four colors of red, yellow, blue, green, as well as the surrounding color. That is why? Red, yellow, blue, and green, is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) according to the colorimetric and color principles selected compared to other colors are more likely to cause people's retina impact color, called "safety color". Red means are forbidden, danger; yellow means warning, attention; blue means instruction, compliance; green means access, safety.
The correct use of safety colors allows people to react quickly to objects and environments that threaten safety and health; to quickly find or distinguish safety signs, and to be reminded in time to prevent accidents and hazards.

Safety is a point that cannot be ignored, and that is the secret of rotary drilling rig color.

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