533-7089/Track Shoe for Caterpillar 6090/Hydraulic Mining Shovels Track Shoe

  • Track Shoe for Caterpillar 6090
  • Track Shoe for Caterpillar 6090
  • Track Shoe for Caterpillar 6090

Track Shoe for Caterpillar 6090

Yantai Orient has advanced inspection equipment and after-sales service, so the quality of our Caterpillar 6090 track shoes is guaranteed.

Mining Machinery Track Shoe can be manufactured according to the product drawings provided by customers.

PART NUMBER: 533-7089
Information of Hydraulic Mining Shovels Track Shoe for Caterpillar 6090:

  • Bucket Capacities: 103 t
  • Bucket Payload: 93440 kg
  • Travel Speed Maximum: 1.2 mile/h
  • Track Pads each side: 48
Caterpillar 6090 improvements and enhancements in durability and reliability have been made to provide the required uptime. The result is higher productivity and lower TCO. Therefore, we will ensure the hardness and strength of the products through the perfect inspection system, and put the product quality in the first place. We have impact testing machine, hydraulic universal tester, Creaform portable 3D scanner and so on. These ensure the track shoes are made with the good-standard and high-quality.

Technical Details of Hydraulic Mining Shovels Track Shoe for Caterpillar 6090:

  • Material: High Manganese Steel
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Heat Treatment: Quenching and Tempering, Surface Hardening
  • Color: Black or Customer Requirement
  • Technique: Casting
  • Inspection Method: MT, UT...
  • Product Standard: JIS, ASTMA128, GB/T5680-2010

Brand And Model Of Hydraulic Mining Shovels Track Shoes We Can Produce:

Brand Model
Caterpillar 6015, 6020B, 6030, 6040, 6060, 6090, 6090HD, etc.
Komatsu PC3000, PC3000-6, PC4000, PC4000-6, PC5500, PC8000,PC8000-6, etc.
Hitachi Ex2500, Ex3600, Ex5500, Ex5600, etc.
P&H 2300, 2800XPB, 4100A, 4101XPC, etc.
Terex RH120E, RH170, RH200, RH340, etc.
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