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Main Structure and Function of Rotary Drilling Rig

Rotary drilling rig is a kind of construction machinery for soil borrowing and bored pile, which is widely used. What do you know about rotary drilling rigs that have been used for so long? What are its main components? You know what?   Main Structure and Function of Rotary Drilling Rig: 1. Kelly Bar/ Drill Pipe Kelly bar is a key component, which can be divided into internal friction type and automa

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Key Points of Crawler Crane Maintenance

Key Points of Crawler Crane Maintenance To do a good job in equipment maintenance and repair can ensure the good performance of crawler crane, increase the service life, reduce the possibility of accidents during operation, so as to reduce delay and obtain better economic benefits. Our Videos: 1. The undercarriage maintenance cannot be ignored.

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Four Steps To Solve The Swing Bearing Maintenance

The swing bearing a important “joint” of crawler crane, and its maintenance is very important. The following four steps can teach you to maintain slewing bearings. 1. Check The Bolts of The Swing Bearing Check bolts on swing bearings before each crane operation or at least once a week. After the swing bearing works for 100 hours for the first time, check whether the bolt is loose, and c

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