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Regular Maintenance Tips of Important Components of Rotary Drilling Rigs

Regular Maintenance of Important Components of Rotary Drilling Rigs Interim Maintenance Regulations  The first maintenance time for diesel engines is 100 hours, and thereafter every 250 hours, the oil filter and oil should be replaced. The Gear oil shall be replaced every 500 hours, and the Gear oil in the large box shall be replaced every 1000 hours.  The hydraulic oil is filtered every 500 hour

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How To Avoid Derailment of Track Chains?

How To Avoid Derailment of Track Chains?     1. Tensioning cylinder failure. Check if there is no lubricating oil in the tensioning cylinder and if there is any oil leakage.     2. The track is severely worn. Long term use can also cause the wear of chain ribs and chain barrels on the track to cause the track to detach.       3. The chain protector is worn. Chain pro

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The Application of Rotary Drilling Rig in Urban Infrastructure Construction

The application of rotary drilling rig in urban infrastructure construction is very wide.        1. Underground pipeline construction: including various pipeline construction such as drainage pipes, gas pipes, communication pipes, etc.        2. Bridge foundation construction: Rotary drilling rig can be used for drilling and pouring pile

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How To Avoid High-Temperature Faults of Rotary Drilling Rigs In The Scorching Summer?

  Reasons for high temperatures:         The high temperature of rotary excavators is generally divided into high gearbox temperature; Hydraulic oil temperature is too high; The engine coolant temperature is too high.         1. Gearbox temperature is too high: The main reasons are that the size and shape of the bearings, gears, and housing are not standard enough, t

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What Maintenance Can Reduce The Fuel Consumption of Rotary Drilling Rigs?

What Maintenance Can Reduce The Fuel Consumption of Rotary Drilling Rigs? 1. Maintain the undercarriage parts properly. Properly adjusting the tension of the track shoe assembly and timely cleaning the soil adhering to the undercarriage walking device can reduce walking resistance and reduce walking fuel consumption. 2. Regularly maintain the fuel system. If the fuel filtration effect is poor

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The 3rd Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) has Come to a Perfect End

On May 15th, the third Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) came to an end. As the largest construction Equipment exhibition in Asia this year, Changsha presented a beautiful answer sheet. During the 4-day exhibition period, 1502 companies from around the world gathered in Changsha, showcasing over 20000 exhibits in a 300000 square meter exhibition area. Among them, there

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The Opening of The 3rd CICEE Is Imminent

The 3rd Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition will open on schedule tomorrow, thousands of enterprises are hot layout booth. The exhibition attracted 1502 enterprises, among which 35 of the world's top 50 construction machinery enterprises participated in the exhibition. The number of participating enterprises and equipment reached a new high this year. At present, 90% of the outdoor exhibitio

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The World's Largest Rotary Drilling Rig SWDM1280

Made in China, the world's largest! Sunward has developed the super rotary drilling rig SWDM1280. This "world's number one drilling rig" is the world's largest drilling rig made in China. The maximum hole diameter of SWDM1280 can reach 7 meters, and the maximum hole depth can reach 176 meters, helping to build the world's largest cross sea bridge for both highway and railway use.

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Avoid The Following 5 Operations That May Damage The Rotary Drilling Rig

1. Excessive oil filling Insufficient engine oil and reduced oil pressure lead to poor lubrication, which will accelerate the wear of components, and in severe cases, there may be shoe burning and shaft holding faults. Therefore, some rotary drilling rig drivers prefer to add more engine oil at once, greatly exceeding the specified limit (quantity), in order to achieve the goal of once and for all. Who knows, excess

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