Avoid The Following 5 Operations That May Damage The Rotary Drilling Rig

Avoid The Following 5 Operations That May Damage The Rotary Drilling Rig

1. Excessive oil filling

Insufficient engine oil and reduced oil pressure lead to poor lubrication, which will accelerate the wear of components, and in severe cases, there may be shoe burning and shaft holding faults. Therefore, some rotary drilling rig drivers prefer to add more engine oil at once, greatly exceeding the specified limit (quantity), in order to achieve the goal of once and for all. Who knows, excessive oil will have adverse consequences: excessive oil can easily cause oil leakage, increase the consumption of oil, not only pollute the environment, but also increase the difficulty of maintenance; A high oil level will increase the motion resistance of the connecting rod and reduce the efficiency of the rotary drilling rig; Too much engine oil is easy to burn up by channeling up the combustion chamber, increasing the consumption of engine oil. After engine oil is burned, it is easy to form carbon deposits at the piston ring, piston top, valve seat and fuel injection nozzle, resulting in seizure of piston ring, blockage of fuel injection nozzle and other faults; A high oil level can easily generate oil and gas under the stirring of the connecting rod, causing an increase in exhaust under the crankcase.

2. Low speed

Many drivers believe that rotary drilling rigs with lower speeds will not malfunction. In fact, too low a rotational speed can also bring negative consequences: too low a rotational speed will reduce the output power of the rotary drilling rig, reducing its power performance; A low rotational speed will lead to a decrease in the working speed of each component, which will deteriorate the working performance of the components and reduce the output pressure of the oil pump; Reduced the reserve power of the rotary drilling rig, allowing the rotary drilling rig, which should have been in normal operation, to operate at full load or overload.

3. Low water temperature

There are clear requirements for the use of water temperature in rotary drilling rigs, but some drivers prefer to set the outlet temperature very low, some close to the lower limit of the outlet temperature, and some even below the lower limit. Too low water temperature is harmful to the operation of rotary drilling rig: low temperature, deterioration of diesel combustion conditions in the cylinder, poor fuel atomization, increased combustion period after ignition, rough operation of rotary drilling rig, increased damage to crankshaft bearings, piston ring and other components, reduced power, and reduced economy; The water vapor after combustion is prone to condensation on the cylinder wall, causing metal corrosion; Unburned diesel may dilute the engine oil and worsen lubrication conditions; The incomplete combustion of fuel forms gum, which easily causes the piston ring to be stuck in the piston ring groove, and the sealing performance becomes poor. As a result, the pressure in the cylinder decreases at the end of compression, the engine oil temperature is also low, the engine oil becomes thicker, and the fluidity becomes poor. The engine oil pump pumps less oil, resulting in insufficient oil supply. In addition, the gap between the crankshaft bearings becomes smaller, and the lubrication is poor.

4. Immediately run at high speed after cold start

After the cold start of the rotary drilling rig, due to being in a cold state, the viscosity of the oil is high, and the flow resistance is also large, causing a delay in the time when the oil enters the friction pair, and the moving parts are not adequately lubricated. If the cold machine of the rotary excavator runs at high speed immediately after starting, the gear and bearing will be damaged due to poor lubrication, and the wear of the cylinder and piston ring will also be aggravated. The pressurized rotary drilling rig may also cause erosion of the turbocharger shaft.

5. Oil only added without replacement

Many operators only pay attention to the amount of oil in the rotary drilling machine oil and add it according to standards, without paying attention to checking the quality of the oil, and neglecting the replacement of the deteriorated oil. Due to the deterioration of engine oil, it will lose its proper lubrication function, resulting in the rotating parts of the rotary drilling rig always operating in poor lubrication environment, accelerating their wear and eventually producing some faults. Therefore, when checking the oil quantity, it is necessary to carefully check the quality of the oil. If the oil deteriorates, it must be replaced in a timely manner.