How To Avoid High-Temperature Faults of Rotary Drilling Rigs In The Scorching Summer?

How To Avoid High-Temperature Faults of Rotary Drilling Rigs In The Scorching Summer?

  Reasons for high temperatures:

        The high temperature of rotary excavators is generally divided into high gearbox temperature; Hydraulic oil temperature is too high; The engine coolant temperature is too high.

        1. Gearbox temperature is too high: The main reasons are that the size and shape of the bearings, gears, and housing are not standard enough, the lubricating oil is not qualified, or the oil level is not suitable.

        2. Excessive engine water temperature: incorrect ignition timing, insufficient engine power, and cooling system malfunction.

        In addition, engine crankshaft deformation and small crankshaft clearance can also cause high temperatures due to excessive power consumption by the engine itself. Failure of the hydraulic variable control system can also cause excessive engine water temperature.


        3. Hydraulic oil temperature is too high: The main reason is that it produces heat too quickly and dissipates heat too slowly. Blockages in the internal channels of the hydraulic oil radiator, excessive dust on the outside of the radiator, and insufficient wind power can all cause the hydraulic oil to heat up due to slow heat dissipation.

  How to avoid high-temperature faults?

        1. To avoid the generation of scale, it is recommended to use professional water tank coolant.
        2. Clean the hydraulic oil radiator, filter screen, water radiator blades, and filter screen.
        3. Replace with a new coolant.
        4. You can install an electric water system.
        5. Pay more attention to cleaning in daily life. After a high temperature alarm occurs, check if the filter screen outside the water tank is blocked. If it is, clean it up.
        6. Change the air conditioning filter frequently.


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