Four Steps To Solve The Swing Bearing Maintenance

Four Steps To Solve The Swing Bearing Maintenance

The swing bearing a important joint of crawler crane, and its maintenance is very important. The following four steps can teach you to maintain slewing bearings.

1. Check The Bolts of The Swing Bearing
Check bolts on swing bearings before each crane operation or at least once a week. After the swing bearing works for 100 hours for the first time, check whether the bolt is loose, and check again at the 300th working hour. Then check every 500 working hours and the inspection interval should be shortened in bad working conditions.
When replacing the bolt, wipe the bolt clean, apply the thread fastening glue and tighten it. Regular inspection of fastening bolts can avoid the risk of bolt fatigue damage.
If a bolt is found loose during the inspection, stop the construction and contact the local after-sales service engineer immediately. After the inspection, the professional personnel can determine whether to remove or check the bolt immediately.

2. Routine Inspection of Swing Bearing

Check the rotation flexibility regularly. If any noise or impact is found, stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.
Regularly check whether the rotary gear ring is cracked or damaged, and whether the meshing gear surface is engaged, gnawed, peeled, etc.
Regularly check the integrity of the seal. If the seal belt is damaged, it should be replaced in time. If it falls off, it should be reset in time.

3. Lubricate The Tooth Surface of The Swing Bearing
Coat the swing ring gear with anti rust oil in time.
When the crawler crane is working, the hard foreign matter should be strictly prevented from entering the tooth meshing area.

4. Lubricate The Raceway of The Swing Bearing
The raceway must be regularly filled with lubricating oil according to the working environment. The swing bearing must be filled with oil before and after long placement of the crane.
If the steam jet cleaner or fixed water jet is used to clean the crane, care must be taken to ensure that water does not penetrate the swing ring connection, and the swing ring connection must be lubricated.
In special working environment, such as tropical zone, high humidity, dust, large temperature change and continuous operation, the lubrication cycle shall be shortened.
The lubricating oil filling should be carried out when the swing ring rotates slowly. When the lubricating oil overflows from the seal, it indicates that the filling is completed, and the overflowing oil will form a film to seal.