Bauer Sprocket

Bauer Sprocket

Bauer Sprocket

Sprocket for Bauer Rotary Drilling Rig

Bauer sprocket we can provide: BG18, BG25, BG28, BG30, BG36, BG40 etc.

Bauer BG18 Sprocket

Bauer BG18 Sprocke  t with high accuracy, high quality and customized  products available.  

Bauer BG25 Sprocket

We use high-quality materials and advanced CNC lathes to process our  Bauer BG25 sprocket  products.

Bauer BG28 Sprocket

Bauer BG28 Sprocket. With advanced digital simulation technology, we can design and manufacture products according to the drawings.

Bauer BG30 Sprocket

Our Bauer BG30 Sprocket's surface is smooth without obvious machining marks and burrs.

Bauer BG36 Sprocket

Bauer BG36 Sprocket, all products shall be thoroughly inspected and tested.

Bauer BG40 Sprocket

Bauer BG40 Sprocket with accurate dimensions, high quality, great performance and long working life.