The World Giant Electric Rope Shovel TZCO WK-55

The World Giant Electric Rope Shovel TZCO WK-55

The World Giant Electric Rope Shovel TZCO WK-55

On January 26, 2008, the WK-55 electric rope shovel developed by TZCO was shipped out of the factory for surface stripping operation in Pingshuo open pit coal mine. This is a super large open-pit mining equipment, it weighs 1458 tons and is more than seven floors high. WK-55 can excavate 12 million m3 of coal every year. Workers standing in front of it can only reach half of the track height.

According to the bucket capacity, electric rope shovel can be divided into: small shovel below 1m3, Medium shovel below 5m3, Heavy shovel below 15m3 and giant shovel more than 15m3.
The electric rope shovel is mainly used in large open-pit mining for stripping the surface soil and mining the blasting caved earth and stone. Shallow coal mines, iron ores, and copper aluminum nonferrous metal mines are mostly mined by open-pit mining. However, before mining, it is necessary to strip the soil or rock covered on the ore body. In some mining areas, the overburden is hundreds of meters thick, and the amount of earthwork to be stripped reaches tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of cubic meters. This requires the use of hundreds of tons of explosives to blast the overburden as a whole or locally. Then use the electric rope shovel and loading vehicle for stripping operation. A straight and long overburden layer is excavated by the electric shovel to expose the coal seam. After the excavation in this area is completed, the second stripping zone will be opened, and the electric shovel will fill the excavated overburden into the first tunnel.

Due to the huge stripping workload, ordinary excavators and vehicles are not competent, which encourages machinery enterprises to develop: electric rope shovel with bucket capacity above 50m3 and mining vehicles with more than 350 tons of loading capacity. These mechanical giants, with their amazing performance, have become a wonder in the history of human mechanical development. The large tonnage mining vehicle matched with the electric rope shovel, with the loading capacity of 180-360 tons, is the world's largest wheeled vehicle, with a single tire more than 3 meters high.

The WK-55 has a net weight of 1265 tons and a working weight of 1458 tons, equivalent to 30 heavy tanks. It is 22 meters high, equivalent to a 7-story building, crawler is more than 2 meters high. The total installed power is 4850 kw, equivalent to 50 cars; The standard capacity of the bucket is 55 m3, and the theoretical excavation capacity is 6600 m3 per hour. To put it in perspective: this huge excavator can scoop up hundreds of tons of soil with one shovel. One day's excavation can fill up a football field, enough to exceed the height of a three-story building. The amount of soil excavated by a WK-55 in a year can fill up the West Lake in Hangzhou. Ordinary hydraulic crawler excavator bucket capacity is below 5m3, the weight of the machine is not more than 100 tons, the power is not more than a few hundred kilowatts, so it can be seen that the giant electric shovel is how huge.

An electric rope shovel is composed of tens of thousands of parts. The lower body is a giant crawler undercarriage, and the upper body is installed with the main machine room, cab, boom, bucket rod, bucket, A-bracket, hoist, generator and other equipment. And it is connected with the crawler undercarriage through a huge slewing bearing. In the early days, the electric rope shovel was powered by electricity, and tens of thousands of volts of alternating current was input through external cables. The powerful current drives the AC motor, and then drives the DC generator to generate electricity, providing energy for the DC motor driving the crawler walking, upper body  turning and bucket lifting. With the development of technology, this DC control system is gradually replaced by thyristor converter power supply system, AC variable frequency motor and its control system.

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