Zoomlion Tower Crane Helps Dubai Build New Landmarks

Zoomlion Tower Crane Helps Dubai Build New Landmarks

Recently, the world's highest Hotel - Dubai blue sky hotel, which was built by Zoomlion, and the main structure was completed.

Dubai blue sky hotel project is the highest hotel building in the world, covering an area of 3662 square meters and a building area of about 102000 square meters. It includes 1100 hotel rooms, 320 meters high-altitude open-air swimming pool, 360 meters high-altitude restaurant and 5-level high atrium hanging garden. The structural design is complex, the construction is difficult and very cumbersome.

The project faces three roads, the construction site is very narrow, and it is located in the Dubai wharf area, and the wind is very strong. Moreover, the external wall thickness of the largest core tube wall of the project is 1.9m. With the rise of the building, the thickness of the core tube is also changing. This is also a great challenge for the installation of the tower crane in the elevator shaft in the middle of the core tube wall. Based on these conditions, Zoomlion l250-20 large tonnage boom tower crane with significant advantages in safety, reliability and lifting performance was selected.

In addition to super equipment, Zoomlion's high-quality service also impressed the project party. As early as the early stage of the project, Zoomlion has set up a special project team to communicate with the project party in depth and provide the best design and construction solutions according to the characteristics of the building structure; After that, systematic training on tower crane installation, operation, maintenance and other aspects was also provided for the staff of the construction party.

From the highest building in the Mediterranean rim of Europe at 353.5 meters, to the first tower in South Asia at 354.8 meters, to the highest building in Africa at 385.8 meters, and then to the 368.6-meter highest hotel in the world, Zoomlion is constantly refreshing the world with its excellent products.