6 Precautions for Using Excavator in Winter

6 Precautions for Using Excavator in Winter

                                                                                                      6 Precautions for Using Excavator in Winter

1. Do not discharge water too early or do not discharge cooling water

Before flameout, run at idle speed. When the temperature of cooling water drops below 60 ℃ and the water is not hot, flameout and drain water.

2. Do not use fuel randomly

The low temperature in winter makes the fluidity of diesel fuel worse, the viscosity increases, and it is not easy to spray, resulting in poor atomization and combustion deterioration, which leads to the reduction of the power and economic performance of diesel engine.
Therefore, light diesel oil with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be selected in winter. It is generally required that the freezing point of the diesel engine should be 7-10 ℃ lower than the local current seasonal minimum temperature.

3. Do not start with open flame

When starting with an open flame, the dusty air outside will be directly sucked into the cylinder without filtration, causing abnormal wear of the piston, cylinder and other parts, and also causing rough operation of the diesel engine and damaging the machine.

4. Do not heat the oil pan with open flame

Heating the oil pan with an open flame will cause the engine oil to deteriorate, or even scorch, and the lubricating performance will be reduced or completely lost, thus aggravating the wear of the machine. The engine oil with low freezing point should be selected in winter, and the method of external water bath heating can be used to increase the engine oil temperature during startup.

5. The starting method should be appropriate

First cover the thermal insulation quilt on the water tank, open the drain valve, and continuously inject 60-70 ℃ clean soft water into the water tank. When the water flowing out of the drain valve feels hot, close the drain valve, fill the water tank with 90-100 ℃ clean soft water, and turn the crankshaft to make all moving parts properly pre-lubricated, and then start.

6. Do not operate under low temperature load

After the diesel engine started and caught fire, some drivers could not wait to put into load operation immediately. Due to the low body temperature and high oil viscosity of the diesel engine that has just caught fire, the oil is not easy to fill into the friction surface of the moving pair, which will cause serious wear of the machine. In addition, plunger spring, valve spring and injector spring are also easy to break due to "cold brittleness". Therefore, after the diesel engine starts and catches fire in winter, it should idle at low speed for several minutes, and then put into load operation when the cooling water temperature reaches 60 ℃.

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