5 Advantages of Rotary Drilling Rig

5 Advantages of Rotary Drilling Rig

5 Advantages of Rotary Drilling Rig

1. One Machine Can Be Used for Multiple Purposes to Realize Multiple Drilling Methods.

The design of large pile hole and foundation construction drilling rig makes full use of hydraulic transmission technology, adopts modular combination design method, and realizes multi-purpose of one machine without changing the main machine, so as to meet the adaptability of large construction machinery to different construction methods.

2. Advanced Performance, High Degree of Automation And Low Labor Intensity.

The rotary drilling rig is a crawler type fully hydraulic self-propelled drilling rig, which adopts a complete set of hydraulic system, and some are equipped with advanced computer operating system.
The rotary drilling rig, electric and hydraulic are highly centralized, compact in structure, flexible and convenient in operation, high in mechanization and automation, and can be moved by itself on the construction site. The mast can be erected by itself, which is convenient to move quickly and align the holes. The use of telescopic Kelly bar saves manpower and time for connecting
Kelly bar, with less auxiliary time and high time utilization.

3. Drilling Efficiency Is High.

The rotary drilling rig can be equipped with different bits according to the formation conditions.
In cohesive soil layer, long drill barrel can be used to speed up drilling.
For the formation with large sand content, short drill barrel can be used and mud protection wall can be used to control the drilling speed.
For the formation containing gravel and hard rock, long and short spiral bits can be used for processing, and the Kelly bar can be replaced after loosening to continue drilling.
Compared with conventional drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs have greater rotary torque and can be adjusted automatically according to the formation conditions. At the same time, because the bit directly extracts rock and soil from the hole, its drilling speed is very fast. In general, the drilling speed can reach 10m/h in soil and sand layer, and 4-6 m/h in clay layer, which is 3-5 times of that of ordinary rotary drill.

4. The Pile Quality Is Good.

The disturbance to the stratum is small, the mud skin of the retaining wall is thin, and the hole wall formed is rough, which is beneficial to increase the pile side friction and ensure the design bearing capacity of the pile foundation. There is less sediment at the bottom of the hole, which is convenient for hole cleaning and improves the bearing capacity of the pile end.

5. Low Environmental Pollution.

The rotary drilling rig is dry or non-circulating mud drilling, and the mud consumption is only positive and reverse circulation drilling. Therefore, the construction site is clean and has little pollution to the environment. At the same time, the rotary drilling rig has low vibration and low noise.

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