How to Prolong The Service Life of Track Shoe?

How to Prolong The Service Life of Track Shoe?

Track Shoe

Track shoes are common walking parts of construction machinery, and are also one of the main parts that are easy to wear. They are widely used in crawler crane, piling machine, bulldozer, and excavator.


1. Pay Attention to The Maintenance of The New Track Shoe Assy.

If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the track shoes when purchasing new construction machinery or replacing the track shoes, it is easy to cause distortion of the chain rail #pin due to improper running-in. Therefore, after each use, clamp the end of the pin with a pipe wrench and make it rotate to make the pin evenly stressed. This can effectively avoid the premature damage of the track shoe caused by the twisting pin.

The formed "crankshaft shaped" pin is easy to cause the wear of the pin lug, and finally lead to the increase of the pitch between the track shoes or the failure to properly mesh with the #sprocket. Therefore, pipe wrench should be used to turn each pin for 60 ° regularly according to the conditions of use to prevent excessive wear of the track shoes.

2. Regular Maintenance.

The track roller, track shoe bolts and sprocket bolts will be loosened due to the long time operation or the overload vibration. Loose bolts can easily cause abnormal clearance between bolts and track shoes or cracks in track shoes after being stressed, resulting in sharp reduction of track shoe service life.
Therefore, it is best to regularly check the track and reinforce the loose bolts & nuts according to the machinery condition.

3. Operate Scientifically According to The Operating Procedures.

Each kind of construction machinery has scientific operation specifications, which should be strictly observed during the operation of construction machinery. Especially in the long time load operation, it is easy to cause the abrasion of the side of the track shoe, sprocket and idler due to the repeated traveling or sudden turning on the sloping ground, so it is necessary to avoid timely maintenance in use.

4. Regularly Change Track Sides

During the operation of construction machinery, it is easy to cause unilateral wear of the track shoes due to the operator's operating habits or the impact of the operating environment. Therefore, the machine position can be changed regularly during operation to reduce unilateral excessive wear. When the meshing parts of the sprocket and track shoes have been seriously worn, the left and right track shoe assy can be removed and replaced to reduce the excessive wear.
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