Difference Between Auger Drilling Rig and Rotary Drilling Rig

Difference Between Auger Drilling Rig and Rotary Drilling Rig

Difference Between Auger Drilling Rig and Rotary Drilling Rig

1. Structural Difference:

The auger drilling rig is simple in structure and fast in installation. The operator only needs to connect the drill pipe with the power head. Drill pipes are usually installed and used according to different conditions.
rotary drilling rig has more components than the auger drilling rig. In terms of Kelly bar, interlocking Kelly bar, friction Kelly bar and combined Kelly bar are mostly used, which can be directly put into place during operation.

2. Power Difference:

The auger drilling rig is powered by hydraulic output and has high operational flexibility. The power output by the high pressure oil cylinder is highly efficient, and the drilling speed is accelerated. The efficiency is more than 100 times that of manual digging.
Rotary drilling rig is powered by diesel engine to provide drilling and traveling power, and adopts crawler type traveling system (generally refitted from excavator).

3. Application Difference:

The auger drilling rig is mainly used for landscaping, pole drilling, road sign installation, photovoltaic nails, detection and research, etc.
Rotary drilling rig is widely used in municipal construction, highway bridge, railway, water conservancy, high-rise building and other foundation construction projects.

4. Price Difference:

The auger drilling rig is composed of bracket, driving head and a drill bit assembly. Low production cost and strong penetration force. Low operation cost due to hydraulic output power.
Rotary drilling rig is a comprehensive drilling rig consisting of power head, Kelly bar, undercarriage, winch and pressurizing device. The operation cost of the diesel engine is higher than that of the auger drilling rig.

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