10 Skills of Using Wire Rope of Rotary Drilling Rig

10 Skills of Using Wire Rope of Rotary Drilling Rig

1. When unwinding and installing the wire rope, in order to prevent damage to the wire rope lay structure, the correct method should be adopted; In addition, when winding the wire rope to the drum, do not make the surface of the wire rope with sand, so as not to aggravate the wear, affect the life of the wire rope.

2. If the whole roll of wire rope needs to be cut off, the wire rope on both sides of the cut off part should be tied firmly with iron wire before cutting off. Especially for the multi-layer anti-rotating wire rope, it can be fused.

3. During the use of the wire rope, it should be noted that the saddle shape of all rope clips should be in contact with the long end of the wire rope. The U-shaped bolt shall be in contact with the ring end of the wire rope.

4. The twisting direction of the wire rope should be the winding method of the steel wire rope at the lowest layer of the drum.

5. The wire rope winding on the drum should be arranged neatly, do not allow disorderly winding, otherwise it will cause serious squeezing and crushing damage in the work of the wire rope, affecting the service life.

6. As far as possible uniform and slow load to avoid excessive impact load damage to the wire rope.

7. In the process of drilling, accurately calculate the distance, do not overlay the rope, to prevent the rope in the relaxed state of cross wound and lead to structural damage and scrap the whole wire rope.

8. The occurrence of "rope biting" is often seen in the work of rotary drilling rig. It is recommended to check and strengthen lubrication of the "rope biting" part frequently. Avoid the same part of the long time "rope biting " and early obsolescence.
After the wire rope is put into use, the performance will be gradually reduced, and the parts prone to damage should be checked frequently after a period of use.

9. Pay attention to wire breaking during the use of wire rope of rotary drilling rig, and handle the accident in time. The head of the broken wire can be clamped with a steel wire pliers and bent back and forth repeatedly until the wire is broken. In this way, the broken end of the steel wire will be clamped between the strands, which will not harm the use of the steel wire rope.

10. The anti rotation wire rope shall be used preferentially.

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