What Are The Precautions For Replacing The Track Roller?

What Are The Precautions For Replacing The Track Roller?

What are the precautions for replacing the track roller?


What is track roller?

The track roller mainly serves as a support and is located between the lower surface of the left/right beam of the underframe and the crawler. Depending on the tonnage of the machinery, there are usually 5-10 track rollers on each side.


Steps for replacing the track roller:

① Clean the mud and debris from the walking rack and park the equipment on a flat area.
② Use a wrench to loosen the pressure relief plug of the tensioning cylinder of the traveling frame, and do not loosen it more than one turn to prevent high-pressure grease from spraying out and injuring people.
③ Use a working device (boom cylinder) to support the vehicle body, lift the track shoes, and use a pneumatic wrench to loosen the screws on the track roller cover, but do not completely remove the screws.
④ Lift the boom oil cylinder, lower the track shoe, support the track shoe with the track roller, loosen the screws and remove the cover, support the vehicle body again, and lift out the track roller.
⑤ Install the track roller in the disassembly sequence. The roller screws are coated with copper powder to prevent rust. After screwing in place with an air wrench, the weight gauge (torque tool) can be adjusted to the specified value to add weight.
⑥ After injecting high-pressure grease into the telescopic cylinder of the traveling frame, measure the front and rear travel to the standard value.

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