8 Key Points For Operating Rotary Drilling Rigs

8 Key Points For Operating Rotary Drilling Rigs

8 Key Points For Operating Rotary Drilling Rigs

1. Operators must undergo professional training, possess relevant professional knowledge, and fully understand the structure and performance of the drilling rig. And proficient in operating methods and basic knowledge of drilling, only after passing the assessment can the machine be operated.
2. Before operating the rotary drilling rig, the operator must investigate the operation site in advance. Understand the construction requirements and geological structure, select drilling tools that meet the performance of the drilling rig and meet the construction requirements.


3. Before starting, the engine must be allowed to warm up for a few minutes, and the indicator lights on each instrument panel must be checked to ensure that there are no abnormalities before proceeding.

4. The ground slope of the rotary drilling rig working environment should be less than 5 degrees. When the rotary drilling rig is working on a sloping ground, the mast must be adjusted to be straight to ensure the verticality and accuracy of the drilling.

5. Obvious safety signs should be set up within the operating range of the rotary drilling rig, and there should be no high-voltage wires within 5m from the top of the drilling rig and its surroundings.

6. Blind pressurization is prohibited during operation, and the lifting pressure should be controlled at around 100 Pa. Pay attention to the condition of the drilling rig at all times, and report any abnormal situations to the on duty leader immediately.

7. Pay attention to the condition of the indicator light at all times, and stop working immediately if there is any abnormal indicator light. Check whether all instruments are normal, whether the oil level and lubrication points of each part meet the specified standards, whether the hydraulic system is normal, whether the undercarriage parts are extended in place, and whether the locking system is effective.


8. The rotary drilling rig needs to work under good lighting conditions and is required to be carried out during the day or at night with good lighting conditions.