Ukrainian military roadheader digs trenches

Ukrainian military roadheader digs trenches

The Ugandan army used a Roadheader to dig trenches, and this monster was able to dig a trench 1120 meters long, 0.8 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep within an hour.
So do you know about the working principle of roadheader and the factors affecting the performance of roadheader?
Take the EBH300 cross shaft roadheader as an example.
EBH300 Cross Shaft Roadheader: The working principle of cross shaft roadheader
 When the EBH300 transverse shaft roadheader travels in the travel lane, the cutting head first drills into the working surface at a certain depth, then swings and cuts laterally. After reaching the boundary of the lane (the end of the cut), it will cut a certain height in the vertical direction, then swing and cut horizontally. Cut. Repeat this cycle until the whole part of the cut is completed.

A combination of factors affecting the performance of the roadheader
The performance of EBH300 transverse shaft roadheader is the key to determine the fast tunneling. So what factors affect the performance of roadheader?
 1. Stable operation of the whole machine. 
The operational stability of roadheader has a great impact on its working efficiency and work safety. Compared to horizontal shaft roadheader, longitudinal shaft roadheader needs to increase its weight by about 20% in order to achieve the same stability. During the operation of a roadheader, instabilities such as rollover, backward movement, rotation along the vertical axis and track slippage may occur. Increasing the weight of the body can improve the stability of the roadheader operation, but, on the one hand, this will increase the cost and, on the other hand, the roadheader is prone to sink in wet and low-lying environments. According to statistics, 26% of downtime during operation is due to unstable position of the machine in space, while 20% of downtime is due to motor failure. The overall stability of the roadheader directly affects the normal operation of other actuators. Therefore, it is important to improve the overall stability of the roadheader to improve the mechanical performance of the roadheader, improve the efficiency of the roadheader and reduce failures.

 2. Coordinated action of the star wheel loading mechanism. 
The loading mechanism is one of the main working mechanisms of the roadheader. Its function is to collect and rake the coal and rocks broken by the cutting mechanism to the intermediate conveyor. The size of the loading capacity depends on the selection of loading mechanism parameters, which directly determines the production capacity of the whole machine. Therefore, continuous improvement and perfection of the loading mechanism of the roadheader is a prerequisite for improving the overall performance of the roadheader.

 3. Comprehensive factors of cut-off head and cut-off teeth. 
Interceptor is a key component of roadheader, and its material and manufacturing process will have a greater impact on the performance of roadheader. As the application range of roadheader expands, the requirements for hardness and fatigue strength of the pick tend to increase. At present, the main material of cut-off teeth of most domestic roadheader is cemented carbide, such as 35crmnsia, which has the disadvantage of fragility. Due to the complexity of the geological conditions of the rock formation of the excavator, a high hardness, good impact resistance and wear resistance of the pick is required to ensure the stable working ability of the excavator when cutting quartz-rich rocks. Not only is the material of the excavator very important, but also the shape of the excavator and the arrangement of the cutting head can affect the performance of the excavator. Pickaxe shaped picks are widely used due to their good self-sharpening and impact resistance. The arrangement of the cutting head directly affects the stability and efficiency of the whole machine.

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