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  • Bulldozer Track Shoe

Bulldozer Track Shoe

The bulldozer track shoe assembly is the component of the undercarriage whose function is the transmission of the load to the ground.

What is the Function of Bulldozer Track Shoe?
The main function of track shoes is to provide better traction and stability for your machine. Track shoes help the machine operate up and across different grades or uneven surfaces, too. You could be working on a steep incline or an area that gradually declines, and track shoes will hold the bulldozer in place to prevent tipping. The track shoes of bulldozers are generally single rib track shoes because the track shoes are required to have high traction capacity during operation.

Our Advanced Equipments
The Coating Line:

·Our coating line is the most advanced in the crawler manufacturing industry, including pretreatment, dipping and drying processes. Pretreatment including 8 procedure, degreasing, washing, table, phosphating, water washing, guarantee the track surface clean without grease, form a uniform phosphating film preparation for varnished, increase the adhesion of paint film. 
·The paint solution we use is safe and environmentally friendly water-based paint. The paint film has been tested for salt water and salt fog resistance, and the crawler has good anti-corrosion and anti rust effect. The color can be customized according to the customer's requirements, and after dipping, it enters the drying room after the paint leaching process. The whole process is automatically controlled by PLC.

Suitable Model:
Undercarriage Parts for Bulldozer:
Komatsu D20, D31, D50, D60, D65, D85, D155
Caterpillar D4H, D4D, D6D, D6R, D8R
SHANTUI SD16, SD22, SD23, SD32, SD42, SD52
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