Soilmec SR70 Track Shoe/Soilmec Rotary Drilling Rig Track Shoe

  • Soilmec SR70 Track Shoe

Soilmec SR70 Track Shoe

Soilmec SR70 drilling rig track shoe with high-quality raw materials,high hardness,good wear resistance,long service life.

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Product Specification of Soilmec SR70 Track Shoe:

  • Material: 25MnB
  • Color: Black / Customer Requirement
  • Technique: Heat Treatment 
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Package Detail: Pallet / Plywood Case
  • MOQ: 1 PCs

Technical Information of Soilmec SR70:

  • Overall Length of crawlers: 5544 mm
  • Overall Width Retracted / Extended Crawlers: 2980 / 4480 mm
  • Width of Triple Grouser Track Shoes: 900 mm
  • Operating Weight: 86t
  • Max. Diameter: 2500 mm
  • Max. Depth: 77,4 m
  • Traction Force Effective / Nominal: 415. 4 / 494.6 kN
  • Travel Speed: 1,6 km/h

Brand and Model of Rotary Drilling Rig Track Shoes We Can Produce:
Bauer BG12, BG18, BG20H, BG24, BG25, BG25C, BG25H, BG26, BG28, BG30, BG34, BG36, BG39, BG40, etc.
Soilmec SR30, SR40, SR60, SR65, SR70, SR75, SR80, SR90, SR95, SR100, R208, R312, R618, R620, R622, R622HD, R724, R725, R930, etc.
Casagrande B180, B180HD, B250, B250XP, B300, etc.
IMT AF18, AF180, AF190E, AF190F, AF200, AF215, AF250E, AF250F, AF270, AF280, AF300, AF300E, AF350D, C50, C60, C250, etc.
CMV TH18-65, TH20, TH32, etc.
Mait HR100, HR260, etc.
SR150, SR155, SR205, SR235, SR265, SR285, SR360, SR365, SR365RC10, SR405, SR415, SR485, etc.
XR130, XR150, XR160, XR180, XR220, XR240, XR280, XR360, XR400, XR460, XR550, XR800, XRS1050, etc.
ZOOMLION ZR125C, ZR160C, ZR240C, ZE280C, ZR160L, ZR160A-1, ZR220C, ZR280C-2, ZR300L, ZR360L, ZR380L, ZR400L, ZR450L, ZR500L, ZR650L, ZR140L, ZR550L, ZR220A, etc.
SUNWARD SWDM40, SWDM60, SWDM80, SWDM130, SWDM160, SWDM160H2, SWDM200H, SWDM240, SWDM240H, SWDM240-2, SWDM260, SWDM280, SWDM300, SWDM300H, SWDM300H-2, SWDM360, SWDM360A, SWDM360H3, SWDM420, SWDM420V, SWDM450V, SWDM480, SWDM500, SWDM500V, SWDM550H2, SWDM600, SWDM800, SWDM1000, SWDM1280, etc.
LIEBHERR LB24, LB28, LB36, etc.
Atlac Copco FLEXIROC D55, etc.
Sandvik DX800, etc.
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