Track Pads for Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels/Caterpillar Track Pads

  • Track Pads for Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels

Track Pads for Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels

We are specialized at producing the casting track pads for Caterpillar electric rope shovels. mainly suitable for cat 7495, 7495hf, 7495hd, 7395, 7295.

Mining Machinery Track Shoe can be manufactured according to the product drawings provided by customers.


 · International production standards ensure that products can meet the needs of customers around the world.
We can produce products according to international standards, such as JIS, ASTMA128, GB/T5680-2010.
 · Advanced production technology makes the surface of our crawler shoes smoother.
Our molding system adopts the alkali phenolic resin sand process, which improves the surface quality of castings, ensures the dimensional accuracy of castings, and the recycling rate of molding sand reaches more than 90%
 · Abundant machining equipment ensures the accuracy of product size.
Our company has more than 250 large-scale equipment such as gantry milling machine, vertical lathe, horizontal lathe, floor boring machine, large grinder, gantry 5 faces machining center, horizontal milling and boring machining center, etc. There are also more than 160 single beam cranes, double beam cranes and landing cranes.
 · The leading smelting system makes our track shoes more wear-resistant.
1. We have 3 casting production lines, 2 sets of 5-ton one driven two medium frequency smelting electric furnaces with series inverter and 1 set of 10 ton smelting furnace.
2. The process of argon blowing in furnace and ladle is adopted to minimize the content of harmful gases in molten steel, improve the purity of molten steel and ensure the internal quality of castings.
3. Our advanced feeding system monitors feeding data, chemical composition, melting temperature and casting speed in real time.

 · Experienced logistics personnel ensure that products can be delivered to customers more safely and quickly.
We have rich experience in international trade and one-stop shopping service and our professional staff will serve you in every link.
Prompt delivery the quality parts to customers worldwide is Orient’s goal.
Any inquiry of cat electric rope shovels track pads, please contact us freely!

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